People & Culture

Over the years the city of Indore has welcomed people from all castes, creed,color; People from all corners of the country particularly Kerala who have migrated & settled in the heart of M.P. for their livelihood , education or just for its peaceful culture.

The people are highly social & progressive which is why all cultures from south, north,east & west have mingled in the life of Indorians.Indore reflects the true spirit of Unity in Diversity.

The mixed culture can be invariably seen in the typical food habits ranging from South Indian 'Idli-Dosa' , 'Vada-Sambhar' to 'Dal-Bafla' typical Malwa Food.

Indore is known for its wide variety of "Namkeens'' , gujrati & chineese food restaurants , bengali sweets.

An interesting research on Indorians has attributed the large no.of heart disease, Hypertension patients to their food habits. The life in Indore starts early with chuskis of 'Chay' (tea) with 'garam garam poha & Jalebi' followed by delicious lunch which invariably includes popular 'besan preparations'. Later in the day one can easily find snacks like 'Khaman' , 'Kachori - aaloo kachori, dal kachori etc.' , 'samosa' , 'petis' , 'Baked Samosa' , 'Bhel puri' ,' Pani Puri', 'mathri' etc. Numerous Shops of Sweets have enjoyed nice business in Indore. Late nights another market comes alive at 11:00 PM in Sarafa (the heart of city) where one finds lot of delicacies to enjoy after a nice dinner like - 'Gajak','Bhutta kis', 'Gulab Jamoon' , 'garadu', 'Rabri', 'HOT BOILED MILK', 'aalo tikiya', 'Halua : - Gajar, Moong' , icecreams, 'shakes' etc. and finally tasty 'paan' to end your day.


Sweets :Moong ka Halua, Gajar ka Halua, Rabri Gulab Jamoon, Ras-Malai,RasGulla,All Bengali Sweets available at Sarafa & 56 Shops at Palasia.

Namkeen : Sev with all its varieties, Mixure , Dhania-Chivda, Dal Moth,Papdi, Gathiya, Khaman, Kachori-Samosa ,Petis, Garadu,Aalo Tikiya, Pani-Puri, Bhel-Puri,Saboodana Khijadi,Dahi Bada , Pakoda , Bhutte ka Kis.

'Sheetal Pey' : Shikanji (Milk Preparation+Dry Fruits), Lassi ,Cold Milk,Hot Boiled Milk with Malai & dry fruits+keshar, Jal-Jira,Nimboo Shikanji, Fruit Juice,Shakes, Icecream Soda, Santrola.


All National Festivals , Holi, Nag-Panchmi, Rakhi , Rang Panchmi , Ahilya Utsav , Annat Chaudas , Ganesh Utsav , Garba (Navratri Utsav) , Dussehara, Diwali , New Year's Eve.